Tuesday, 10 February 2015

***** IT BEGINS AGAIN ! 2015 onwards ..... *****

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  1. Hi Ben I saw your posts on Swaylocks re softtop board you had modified and wanted to pick your brains about my idea to improve my softboard. You must have built up much experience so hope you don't mind my contact. My background -old guy, surfed longboards reasonably successfully for many years, currently have Robert August WIR 9'6". I have just purchased a Vision Ignite Softtop board 9' to use for a bit of 'turn back fun' and to use when mostly mush conditions and it's pretty good for both.
    However, I reckon it could be a lot better, if it was a bit stiffer and had less rocker, So my question is, could the board be split down the centre line (keeping bottom slick intact), hinge open and a stringer inserted then re-glued back together adding stiffness and less rocker?
    The board construction is EPS closed cell core, slick polyethylene bottom and cross linked polyethylene deck/sides. There are 2 round stringers within the core offset about the centre line, but even so the board still flexes a lot.
    Another thought maybe it would be better to slit the board from the underside leaving deck in one then insert stinger (1/8 or 3/16" wide) with desired rocker shape then fix using suitable glue and seal surface with 3M Marine Sealer 5200. I also read that a simple slit and epoxy glue line can act as a stringer?? I wouldn't be able to have stringer complete length of board as pointed out due to bolt through fin. Any thoughts appreciated, if it could be done, how best to go about it and what glues, stringers, materials would I need. I appreciate cosmetically it may not be perfect after. I am pretty handy so could possibly do myself to keep cost low but appreciate any advice as to whether it has any chance of success.Thanks Steve